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The Robotturn® Challenge

Your market in the metalworking industry has changed significantly in recent years.


Your customers are more demanding than even before.

They expect you to supply at cheaper prices, but they also demand smaller series and faster delivery times. 
At the same time, you must deal with rising labour costs, more competitors and a lack of CNC operators.
To counter this difficult market evolution, Robotturn® offers you 
affordable and high productive premium quality automatic Turning cells . 


No compromise on quality!

Packed with industry leading technology and top-quality components, the Robotturn®  X-series flexy cells combine power, strength, and speed to bring you the Ultimate Machining Power. These high speed machines will easily accomplish the demanding turning applications of today and tomorrow. Furthermore, with available live tooling and C-axis capabilities; milling, turning applications may be completed in one single machine.

The new design provides smooth chip disposal and easier operator access. Steel way covers and special steel wipers moulded with industrial strength rubber are used for durability. Fully enclosed splashguards keep chips and coolant contained for a safe clean working environment. The auto lubrication system delivers metered amounts of lubrication to the slide ways, ball screws, and vital components. 

Highly affordable Robotized quality turning Cell

Fastest ROI in the market!

Do you want to know all about our aggressive pricing for our Robotturn ?

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Grip this chance for more profit with both hands.

By investing in our Robotturn® you will immediately realize the following key benefits :

1 - Robotturn® increases your production output, machine efficiency and profits:

  • ​​​​​One operator can operate more than one machine at the same time, improving the utilization rate of your machine park.
  • Automation lowers labour costs, as the average labour costs are 5 to 8 times higher than the average depreciation cost per hour of the robot.
  • You realize extra output because the actual spindle hours no longer exclusively depend on the regular working hours. Also within regular working hours you realize more output, because the robot has no breaks or downtime. You can better respond to small or unexpected orders, because of the quick set-up time of the profiturn production cell and because it can also be run outside regular working hours.
  • Lower inventory levels due to shorter lead time.

2 - Robotturn® reduces your production cost drastically:

Increased efciency :  Automated supply to the CNC machine ensures consistent high quality and a much higher output.

  • The required man hours for operation can be reduced from 8 hours to less than 1 hour.
  • Production costs decrease because the labour costs of an operator are much higher than the depreciation costs of the Profiturn production Cell.
  • The additional machining hours at a lower cost immediately result in higher production output and higher profitability
  • The payback period of this investment is 6-12 months.

3 - Your qualified operators are better utilized:

​​​​​ Operators are qualified to set up and program CNC machines. Most of the time, however, they are engaged in tedious and repetitive work.

  • The Robotturn® takes over this work, allowing your qualified operators to focus on work preparation, testing, configuring other machines, and creating CNC programs.
  • The content of their job therefore becomes more appealing and the operators become more efficient.

Why NOT adding a robot- cell to my existing lathe?

  • Adding a robot to an existing lathe is not the optimal solution.  Losing space in front of your lathe. Accessibility is reduced.
  • Expensive: we offer a full cell where the others who offer only a robot for that price.
  • With our solution we give you two running lathes with double output! Your existing one and a new Robotturn.
  • Adding a robot to an existing lathe is increasing the capacity by adding some extra hours per day in production.  We triple your capacity with a second robotized lathe and give you also all the benefits of a robot. One operator can run now more machines without any problem.
  • With Robotturn : same investment, triple output, triple profit !
  • Every operator from a cnc lathe can now handle easily extra one or more second robotized lathe.
  • One controller for machine and robot : no interfacing problems and one supplier!

What does this button do?

Is this your operator's daily problem?

Is this not a question your machine operator is daily confronted with?

Perhaps you recognize the complex controller shown here?

Perhaps you find it scary to look at, let alone interact with?

It clearly radiates a complex and technical nature of interaction and understanding.

You most likely need extensive training to control that thing - right?

Time for a change

Robot graphic HMI - Human Machine Interface

We defined that any CNC operator should be able to use our Robotturn. Our concept is meant to make robotized turning cells more accessible and affordable. The complex pendant controller every robot maker is using is a huge bottleneck in that paradigm. The challenge consisted of redesigning the interface of the Robot. Rather than a pendant with hundreds of unknown buttons, that has been the standard since forever, we took a very innovative decision to use an interactive touchscreen with very simple graphic interaction, to control the robot-loader and kept the Lathe controller as standard. This means that the lathe can be used as standard CNC machine to make one single piece manually without interaction of the robot. All possible loading-unloading cycles are pre-programmed and the operator need only to fill in some of the values of the different stop/start points in the graphic interface. Simpler is not possible!

No robotics experience is required for the graphical robot controller. Our robot is already completely pre-programmed, so that the operator only needs to enter a few parameters. This means a new series can be started in a matter of minutes.

Only the best brands in CNC controllers

Get more for less!!

As a CNC controller is the heart of a production machine, reliability is the most important factor today. Robotturn® selected the 3 most reliable suppliers on the market today to serve our robotized turning cells. Fanuc and Siemens as the most sold controllers in the world and Syntec as the best value in the market, fully stuffed with all the thinkable options. Our Standard machines are equipped with the high speed Syntec TA controller with 500/1000 block ahead reading function, all turning cycles, high speed computing, graphical interface, mechatrolink® serial bus, etc. Syntec, based on long term OEM production for major Japanese CNC makers, offers a reliable high quality and a great value for money CNC package, including many more options than any other maker for which you must not pay extra.

Flexible systems based on a standard platform to solve a wide range of handling tasks and with multi-industry applications.

Robotturn has the technical knowledge and experience to handle the most demanding and challenging projects from concept to a fully commissioned automated turning systems. With our extensive portfolio of standard equipment to draw upon, Robotturn will manufacture a bespoke system to suit your requirements and needs.

The robotturn robotic lathes offers low cost, high mechanical reliability, excellent versatility and short cycle times with a wide variety of components. An installed system is easy to operate and has the added benefit of a short set up time between products. The shortest possible payback time and minimal operator intervention are at the forefront of all Robotturn systems. With the Robotturn it is possible to automate small or large batches and achieve good profitability even with annual volumes as low as a few hundred components. The Robotturn philosophy is to deliver a system that is “Future Proof”.

Unlimited layout variations Robotturn flexy-cell

Small or medium series - we have the economical robot solution ready!

Do you want to know all about our Robotturn ?

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