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Robotturn SwissTek 8AM-Series

X1-Y1-Z1-C1-X2-Y2-Z2-C2 with driven tools and subspindle

The SwissTek-A8M Series offers a sliding headstock Swiss-Type CNC Lathe with an optional Removable Guide Bushing that offers Precision, Reliability, Performance, Speed and Capability at a very economical price compared to the competition . The Use of NSK Bearings, Ball Screws and Super Precision Linear ways help to achieve optimal accuracy and repeatability on those tight tolerance parts.
The SwissTek-A8M Series  can have up to 20 Live Tool Positions with adapted toolholders and has a 20 or 26mm bar capacity with the Guide Bushing and without the guide bushing. Running as a Non-Guide-Bush-Type adds cost savings with shorter bar remnants eliminates the guide bushing and the need for centerless ground bar stock, it also allows for more concentric and rounder parts (Part Length Ratio for Removing Guide Bushing: Max. Part Length = 3.5 x Bar Dia.)

With Sub-Spindle

Tooling Layout



 SwissTek-20/26A8M Standard Tooling Layout 

SwissTek A8M-Series CNC Swiss Type Automatic Lathe Technical specifications 

2 Models - SwissTek-20A8M - SwissTek-26A8M

SwissTek A8M-Series CNC Swiss Type Automatic Lathe Technical specifications 
SwissTek A8M-Series20A8M26A8M
NC device220TB220TB
Power source380VAC380VAC
Lathe rated powerKw1111
Machin i ng rangeMachin i ng range dia.mmΦ 20Φ26
Main spindle max clamping dia.mmΦ 20Φ26
Max feed length (once)mmMax 240Max 240
Main/sub spindleMain spindle powerKw2.2/3.72.2/3.7
Sub spindle powerKw1.5/2.21.5/2.2
Main spindle max through hole dia.mmMax Φ27Max Φ27
C axis resolution°C1/C2 0.001°C1/C2 0.001°
Main/sub spindle rev speedrpmMax10000/12000Max10000/12000
Sub spindle max clamping dia.mmMax Φ20Max Φ26
Sub spindle max through hole dia.mmMax   Φ 27Max Φ27
Main spindle max travelWith guide bushmm2 40240
Non guide bushmm3 55355
Max tool installed qty.pcs2 626
OD Turning toolQty.×Model6 × □ 126×□12
Cross live toolQty.×Model4 ×ER1 64×ER16
Drilling dia.mmMax Φ 10Max Φ10
Tapping/Threading die dia.Max   M 8Max M8
Live tool rev speedrpmMax   4000Max 4000
Live tool powerKw0.750.75
End-face toolFixedQty.×Model4×ER164×ER16
( Main spindle )Drilling dia.mmMax Φ10Max Φ10
 Tapping/Threading die dia.Max M8Max M8
Back end-face tool FixedQty.×Model4×ER164×ER16
( Sub spindle )Drilling dia.mmMax φ10Max Φ10
 Tapping/Threading die dia.Max M8Max M8
 Drilling dia.mmMax Φ8Max φ8
 Tapping/Threading die dia.Max M6Max M6
 Live tool rev speedrpmMax 4000Max 4000
 Live tool powerKw0.750.75
Rapid feed speedm/min30(Z1/Z2/X2/Y1) 30(Z1/Z2/X2/Y1)
Feed motor powerKw0.75(Z1/Z2/X1/X2/Y1) 0.75(Z1/Z2/X1/X2/Y1)
Cutting oil pump powerKw0.750.75
Main/sub spindle cooling oil pump powerKw0.120.12
Lubricating oil pump powerKw0.0040.004
Max collecting length of workpieces collect boxmm8080
Main/sub spindle center to the bottom of lathe bodymm10501050
Cutting oil tank volumeL180180
Net weightKg27002700

With Sub-Spindle

Optional Tooling Layout



 SwissTek-20/26A8M SPECIAL Tooling Layout 

SwissTek 26A8M with optional ttolholder on mainspindle

Special tooling options Main spindle For SwissTek A8M

Y2-axis Machining Capability For Subspindle

Backmachining Versatility in 4-axis

With the optional Y2-axis function the SwissTek A8M-Series can proceed eccentric drilling, tapping, milling and different kind of complicated machining with the back spindle. 

Rear-end tool holder is available with 8 tools of ER-16 live tools which driven by 1.0 kW AC servo motor with high torque output.

Simultaneous Machining, Double Y-axis for Complex Machining For complex precision parts this machine has simultaneous machining capability on the main and sub-spindles. There is also +/-30 mm of travel on the Y2 backworking module which is equipped with 4/8 driven tools. The SwissTek A8M can accommodate a variety of tools for overlapping and simultaneous operations.
Both the main and sub-spindle, feature full C-axis capabilities and can perform fast and accurate backside machining. This Swiss-style design with or without guide bushings delivers versatility, rigidity, and high performance, perfect for short runs of complex parts made complete in a single set-up.