Intelligent proven solutions

Chip disposal

Chip conveyor (Hinge type / Spiral type / Screw type / Magnet-scraper  type)

Robotturn offers an optimum model of chip conveyor to suit your requirements based on materials and chip shapes.


Chip crusher

Chip crusher finely crushes long and bulk chips for ease of maintenance.


Flushing inside machine

Flushing inside machine is effective in chip discharge for casting and aluminum  workpiece.

Chip disposal and coolant

Coolant filter

Coolant filter removes fine chips from coolant to prevents a filter from clogging.


Coolant level detector

An alarm is displayed when detecting coolant tank low level.


Coolant blow/ Air blow

Various blows such as coolant, air, and mixing blow are sprayed from suitable points in accordance with workpiece shapes and chip conditions.


Quality check

Work load re-try function

If proper work location is not achieved, an automatic retry sequence will occur as follows: Workpiece unload, rotating chuck blow-off and part reload. If attempts at automatic reload fail within parametric set number of retries the workpiece is deposited in NG chute and the cycle is continued with a new workpiece.


Work clamp sensor

This function confirms positive chucking of first operation by sensing complete stroke movement of the actuator.


Soft quality check counter

Finished workpieces every preset numbers are periodically discharged to outside  machine.


Tool monitor

Wear or breakage of tools is detected based on load information obtained from servomotor without installing an external sensor.


High/ low chuck pressure switch

Chuck pressure is switched between roughing and finishing. Switching chuck pressure minimizes work deformation. It is ideal for high precision cutting.

Work environment and Maintenance

Oil mist removal unit

This unit protects a work environment by collecting "Oil mist" in the cutting area within the machine.


Auto power off

Main breaker is automatically turned OFF after termination of an automatic operation at night.

Circuit for power saving

In machine waiting condition, wasted power consumption is reduced by turning hydraulic pump and servomotor OFF.


Installing each unit on the front side of the machine

Frequently used and comfirmation units are placed on the front side of the machine.

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